Roger Silverwood, Author.

The town of Bromersley is the scene of a brutal murder and Detective Inspector Michael Angel is called on to catch the killer.   Eveline Pierce has died in her home.   There are no signs of forced entry and no usable fingerprints. A reptile is nowhere to be found. Most concerning of all is the next-door neighbour’s admission that she heard an eerie sound during the night. A sound coming from the dead woman’s house. A sound like that of a music box… DI Angel blazes into action in a desperate attempt to catch the killer, and when a second victim is discovered, and then a third.  A pattern begins to emerge.  The sound of the music box is heard yet again at the scene of the crime… It isn’t long before DI Angel is bringing his suspects’ secrets and lies into the light – from a family feud to an illicit affair – not to mention unravelling the truth behind other suspicious circumstances in the town. Can DI Angel identify the culprit? Or will his murderous adversary triumph in this vicious contest of snakes and ladders.

                           This is the 26th in the highly successful Inspector Angel series
                                Available in Kindle and other Electronic Book Formats "The Snakes and Ladders Murders has everything you could want from a murder mystery novel - dark secrets, a ruthless killer and suspicion at every turn."

Latest LARGE PRINT Book  THE MURDER LIST. Also available in Hardback edition.



What the critics say ...

'Silverwood combines a classic mystery plot with well developed characters'   Publishers Weekly 

'....solid plotting, unpretentious writing, thoroughly reliable entertainment.'  Morning Star

'.... a cast of characters you really want to populate with familiar faces of actors you see each week on TV - great fun. Angel is terrific.'   Books Monthly